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Jan 3, 2013 10:00pm EST
to business addressing a variety of contentious issues including the debt ceiling and the sequester. in washington jennifer davis, fox news. >>> here we go, the redskins take the field sunday against seattle. cornerback d'angelo hall will not have to worry about running into that ref who talked him out of a game earlier this season. headlinesman dana kinsey was set to be assign to the skins/seahawks game. you may remember this one. mckenzie got into a heated exchange when the redskins played pittsburgh in october. mckenzie ejected hall from the game. meantime the team continues to prepare for the seahawks and one of the team's coaches is getting some buzz around the league. >> while redskins fans enjoy their first division championship since 1999 and a home playoff game in sunday, seven head football coaches and five general managers were fired this week in the nfl. when that happens, names of potential candidates get thrown into the ring as replacements. one of the names mentioned was skins offensive coordinator kyle shanahan. kyle has been instrumental in the rise of robert griffi
FOX News
Jan 6, 2013 9:00am PST
and opportunity. >> the next big issue congress is looking at is raising the debt ceiling. the president says he does not want a fight over that but we heard mitch mcconnell on the first day of the 113th congress say the president needs to show up for this and that spending is our priority at this point so it looks like the division continues. >> it does. i mean i think the fiscal cliff teal that we saw president obama said he wanted a balanced approach. to me it was way weighted in favor of tax increases and very little in terms of real spending cuts so if he is going to be true to his word about wanting a balanced approach the debt ceiling is a perfect example. i'm interested in spending cuts just in the aggregate but i also think we need reform the spending process whether that is through a balanced budget amendment or some other mechanism so we are not having these perpetual crises. >> the senate has not passed a budget in three years. how will you convey that message to majority leader harry reid. >> it is tough to convey messages to him from what i have seen. i embraced reform such as no b
Jan 11, 2013 5:00pm EST
and contracted a lot of the parts and then sequestration issues and we will face them again with the debt ceiling debate i'm sure, and then all of those problems and you will see the concerns and the stock will sell off, but the longer term cyclical story for the company is positive. 50% of the operating costs for an airline is now fuel costs up from 25% as many years ago and that obviously means that the way for them to resolve that is newer and more efficient aircraft. this is efficient aircraft and the way of the future, and all we need to do is to see them continue to keep their production up. ten a month is what we are looking for by the end of the year by boeing, and with ren we not seeing cancellations, and the aircraft has had these problems and we saw them with the a-80 and those were structural issues with the wing, and that is what would give you reservations about getting on a plane, and that would be it. but they will resolve the problems and this is a pullback to buy the stock. >> and mike is bullish and using a risk reversal, and let's crack open the playbook to see how it works. b
Jan 7, 2013 5:30pm PST
of the fiscal cliff. because the default, if nothing happens, is that the debt ceiling is not raised. what that means it doesn't mean, as some who would demagogue this issue suggest, i doesn't mean a default on our debt. whatnot raising the debt ceiling would mean is a partial government shutdown. roughly 40 cents of every dollar the federal government spends is borrowed. if you don't raise the debt ceiling, that 40 cents is temporarily stopped. now we did that in 1995. we didn't default on our debt. >> woodruff: right. the result was balanced budgets and some of the greatest fiscal responsibility was seen we've seen in modern times from congress because fiscal conservatives stood together and said we need to be responsible. >> woodruff: let me ask you about a couple of other issues. that is guns. you're a long-time proponent of gun rights. you're the father of two young girls ages 4 and 2. after those terrible shootings at that h elementary school in connecticut, have you changed your views at all on how available guns should be especially the high-capacity rifles? >> i think every parent
Jan 6, 2013 6:00am PST
this as an issue. i'm saying the president should not have one of these last-minute showdowns over the debt ceiling, but we should speak in honest and i think complete terms about dealing with this deficit. it truly is a challenge we haven't faced as much as we should. >> so taking the president out of it, do you think that you could agree to spending cuts, provided you were amenable to whatever the cuts were, in order to get the debt ceiling raised? >> i can tell you that sounds like a bargain, and it sounds like a deadline that i don't want to see. what i'd rather see is a bipartisan approach starting soon, as soon as we return, between democrats, republicans and the house and the senate, talking about where we go, for example in, tax reform. there's money to be saved in tax reform. there's money to be saved in other areas. debby stab gnaw head of the senate ag committee found a way to save $23 billion in spending we don't need in the farm program and reduce the deficit. why don't the house take that up and pass it. that's a good move towards deficit reduction. >> let me ask you about money to be
FOX News
Jan 10, 2013 7:00pm PST
issue just like the debt ceiling. >> well, i think it can be and i think the reason they never brought up a budget is because the democrats would have had to defend openly in public debate an unsupportable, indefensible plan that their president was promoting and they would have to follow it or reject it. and of course, when lew's budget was brought before the senate and the house, if you remember, greta, it got zero votes. not a republican or democrat in the house or senate voted for the budget that mr. lew was the architect of. i don't think that speaks well for a man who would take on the great position of treasury secretary. >> greta: president obama said that he had facilitated deals. he says that he has worked with republicans and democrats and president reagan and speaker o'neill and bill clinton and republican congress on the issue of a budget deal. i'm curious whether you agree he has brought two sides together and if so, where has that been at least in the last go-round, at least the last 18 months? >> well, this last fiscal cliff deal, he's chief of staff at the white house.
Jan 4, 2013 2:35am EST
time, the government will hit the debt ceiling. the looming battle over those two issues might make the last couple of weeks in washington seem like peace and harmony in comparison. rob and paula, back to you. >> thanks, karen. the day was supposed to be about the lawmakers, but one had the spotlight stolen. new york senator kirsten gillibrand's photo op with the vp didn't go as planned. her cute little son decided it was time to mess up mommy's hair. >> if he had touched biden's hair, that would have been funny. >> i don't think it would have moved. >>> secretary of state hillary clinton actually plans to be back at work next week. she left a new york hospital on wednesday and is now resting at her suburban home. a state department spokesman says she's talking to staff and looking forward to resuming her official duties. she will not be making any overseas trips, at least for the time being, as she continues to recover from that blood clot near her brain. >>> it's day two back in school for the children of sandy hook elementary school in connecticut. while the kids are in class, fo
Jan 3, 2013 10:00pm PST
's meant to give treasury enough room to issue bonds so they didn't veo ep doing it. using the debt ceiling and the ability to pay our bills for things we've already spent is just outrageous. it was outrageous in august and the republicans continue to use this language that somehow it's to control spending. it's just incorrect. >> so back them up only in the fact that there are plenty of republicans who say, good god, do not use this. this will kill us. >> the question is, if we went over the cliff or didn't fail to raise the debt ceiling, certainly there would be dire consequences. the question is, when else is the congress of the united states going to do anything proactively about spending? they have proven definitively over the last 70 years that they cannot do it. and this has become, for better or for worse, the pivot point. the demarkation, the line in the sand, president obama says, is he not going to tolerate a debt ceiling fight but the truth is, it doesn't matter whether he's going to tolerate it or not. >> it's not for better or worse, margaret, and you know that. you know it's
Jan 8, 2013 4:00pm EST
is going to happen on the debt ceiling side because the whole debate around it is more damaging than resolving the whole thing, right? >> right. >> it's almost like any solution is better than continuing to have a debate and moving it out every two months. >> right. >> and then having 24 hours, seven days a week the news media filled with it. this will kill everybody's economics. >> pleasure having you shown the show. back with our guests now. gentlemen, what about that? we have now heard from alcoa. what kind of expectations do you have, mark newton, in terms of earnings for the fourth quarter, and does this tell us anything about what to expect from the s&p 5 hundred in terms of fourth-quarter numbers? >> well, i think they can be bit are a subdued and people have been taking down earnings estimates for quite some time and a lot of companies have begun to prepare for this, for obama care and this and that in the fourth quarter. the bottom line is it technically the market still acts quite well. we've seen -- four of the ten sectors needed some highs so the last couple of days of co
Jan 3, 2013 7:00pm PST
is not happy that i've been saying this. the gop needs to learn the difference between a debt and debt ceiling. it was put in there so the treasury didn't have to keep issuing bonds. most other countries when they issue legislation that has money, it is spent. america has an extra stopgap. it was not meant to control the treasury, it was the opposite, it's meant to give treasury enough room to issue bonds so they didn't have to keep doing it. using the debt ceiling and the ability to pay our bills for things we've already spent is just outrageous. it was outrageous in august and the republicans continue to use this language that somehow it's to control spending. it's just incorrect. >> so back them up only in the fact that there are plenty of republicans who say, good god, do not use this. this will kill us. >> the question is, if we went over the cliff or didn't fail to raise the debt ceiling, certainly there would be dire consequences. the question is, when else is the congress of the united states going to do anything proactively about spending? they have proven definitively over the last 7
FOX News
Jan 6, 2013 11:00am PST
in the national debt i probably wouldn't want to talk about the issue either. let's look at the facts. since the debt ceiling agreement passed 16 months ago the day after it passed we got a downgrade from s&p. a week after the market dropped 1300 points. the supercommittee which chris and so many members voted for fell apart like we all thought it would and the only scheduled cuts that were supposed to take place we just suspended them five days ago in the fiscal cliff deal. we have yet to cut one dime from the last debt ceiling agreement and now here it is time to do it again. we got to stop the madness. this is the 18-year-old kid on the credit card and they maxed out the credit card. instead of cutting it up and putting them on a budget barack obama says give us a new credit card and by the way, harry reid you don't have to pass a budget in three years. this is crazy. >> would you support this year letting the debt ceiling deadline last? >> what i won't support is not dealing with the problem. americans sent us here to deal with the problem. the way this town works this fiscal cliff deal
Jan 9, 2013 3:00pm EST
it comes to the debt ceiling, well, i'm putting in the guy you didn't want to negotiate with. >> exactly, and that goes to the op-ed by moore on monday that the president doesn't believe there's a spending issue at all and this hand-picked selection probably has similar views. >> oh, boy. already. put your seat belts on and get ready for a rough ride again. thanks, guys. we'll keep digesting this and watching the news. scotty? >> let's check in with seema modi to find out what's moving at the nasdaq today. >> have to start with facebook. shares continue to stage a strong comeback, stocks hitting 30 bucks a share, first time since july of 2012. a lot of anticipation about what facebook will announce at its mystery press event next tuesday. traders seem to be buying into the stock ahead of that event. another space that we'll continue to watch, biotech. a lot of bullish commentary out of that jpmorgan health care conference. that's helping the nasdaq biotech index outperform the nasdaq composite. some of today's winners including regeneron and celgene and there's one name not joining in on
FOX Business
Jan 7, 2013 3:00pm EST
towards sequestering, the issue coming up, seven weeks from now, the debt ceiling debate creeping up, that's fairly soon. we -- the horizon is short now for investors. should they make moves now to prepare for this fight to have in washington? >> i think, yet again, it's another situation of political theater that will be played out in the media. i think the media's taking advantage of it by our politicians in washington, but the end result will be one that should allow long term investors to be buying when there's that kind of panic. it's a value play. they played out over and over again, some of the best investors in the world. we tell you that's the way to invest whether it's warren buffet or peter lynch back in the day, by what you know and buy when it gets cheaper. those are the opportunities that come along and when you should be taking advantage. cheryl: keep emotion out it. i'm just reporting the news here, been, come on now. to the cme, and, kevin, any levels you're watching now? any specific numbers to pay attention to? >> well, i think when you look at the treasury market and sp
Jan 10, 2013 7:00am PST
when we hit the debt ceiling right. >> the debt ceiling coming up. debt ceiling in fiscal cliff has now become 2013 issues. but us talk about another winner. this of facebook shares rally above $30 a share. we are on our way up it is a winner for facebook. >> the ipo had people screaming like a scalded champ. it is up 10% this year so it's a matter of when did you buy it. after announcing a mystery press conference for tuesday next tuesday the 15th. i looked at their peak about 160. that is pretty expensive. they got something. they have this do it hasn't called yet. >> maybe it could be a retail announcement that they have. maybe it will be a fall, streaming, or games. a lot of people are expecting that will show off their new building. >> i think it will be a new hoodie. >> let us talk about a loser bridge piers is leading the x factor after one season. she met a lot of money after one season. >> if she did you hear what is it? >> no. >> she said i quick y'all. >> to the new paula abdul is she? beating she is working on an album with will iam. >> $15 million per season. i quick y'all.
Jan 4, 2013 4:00pm EST
the debt ceiling or credit rating of the united states, that's a non-issue. you're right. that's the thing we should have learned back in august 2011. people don't pay attention to the credit rating agencies anymore, especially when it comes to sovereignty debt. >> if they cut enough time it starts to impact what the government has to pay for their debt. >> look at every institutional investor -- >> if it goes low enough some treasuries couldn't buy those because the rating wasn't high enough for them. >> if you look at every single institutional investor, they define that a u.s. treasury security is a separate investment independent of its credit rating. >> because it implies a aaa credit rating that it doblt even have right now. >> interest rates that the united states pay is what the united states want to charge it. >> why rate? >> i agree. >> it's pointless. >> they shouldn't. >> can we look at this another way for a minute? let's look at this another way. let's talk about this country being able to pay its long-term bills. forget what a credit agent says about the u.s. balance sheet.
Jan 9, 2013 12:00pm EST
. and talking about these issues and many others when he has the conversations. >> the debt ceiling, you said you're not going to negotiate. republicans are saying they have to cut. how are we not heading for a washington-created cliff of some sort? >> well, here are the facts. we have to rise the debt ceiling. they said it's inconceivable we would default, and that's one issue. and that is an issue that is congress' responsibility and they need to fulfill that responsibility and make sure that the united states of america as it has throughout the existence ens raise the bills. we continue to have challenges embodied in one instance by the sequester that we need to resolve in concert with congress. and the need to do that presents an opportunity to in a balanced way achieve further significant deficit reduction. the president, as you know, twice now has pursued a big deal with speaker boehner that in its totality would have achieved over $4 trillion in deficit reduction over a decade. because of the nature of those negotiations, and the inability of the speaker to in the end reach a comprise
Jan 9, 2013 3:00am PST
with immigration, it has to deal with what one hopes gun issues, with the debt ceiling, they are their band is not broad enough for them to undertake another major examination of something where they will say, hey we just did that. let's see how it plays out. you also don't have a consensus right now. truth be told, i don't think the votes are there to revisit these issues. you have a republican block that wouldn't go for anything stronger and a lot of democrats that wouldn't be there. i don't think we will get new legislation. we may get rule making but another legislative effort i don't think that will happen. >> the think about the sec, something that has come out recentlied, the sec has asked for corporations to release how -- what their political activities are. >> it's funny, i have been calling on shareholders to make the same demand of corporations for many years. one of the things, in the last moment here, i think ownership trumps regulation. we own these through our pension funds, the endowments universally have shares, mutual funds which we invest
Jan 5, 2013 4:00pm PST
to be greeted over confrontations with the debt ceiling. the debt ceiling is the legal limit on the nation's borrowing. in his weekly address, the president says he's taking a hard line on the issue. >> one ning i will not compromise over is whether or not congress should pay the tab for a bill they have already racked up. if congress refuses to kbif the united states its ability to pay its bill on top, the consequences could be catastrophic. last time congress threatened this course of action, our economy suffered for it. our families and our businesses can not afford that dangerous game again. >> on the first day of the new congress, lawmakers introduced nearly a dozen bills related to gun violence. they come in the wake of the connecticut school shooting and promises from president obama to take concrete action to avoid another tragedy. >> reporter: as students at sandy hook elementary return to class, former congresswoman gabrielle giffords, nearly killed in a mass shooting two years ago visited newtown, connecticut. and on capitol hill, lawmakers arrived to begin a new session of cong
Jan 7, 2013 4:00am PST
year. fiscal cliff, the sandy aid, debt ceiling, a lot of issues we need him in the saddle, focused in the job, not focused as mayor of the city of newark. >> you always get these blowing, rave, wonderful articles. "the new york times," not nice at all, they say are you a better marketer than mayor. is it hurtful? >> probably one of the more frustrating articles of my career. they glossed over what we have done, since instituting court reform, prisoner entry reform, doubled the amount of affordable housing to dealing with veterans issues. a frustrating article. but as you said, sometimes you won't get flowing press. the press sometimes likes to build you up and take you down. >> what? what? >> my mom says i hope this is a lesson you should not read all of the good things about yourself. >> your mother would love my mother. chuck hagel? >> i think he has to focus, the president, on defending the nation. give him a lot of latitude. >> do you worry about the jewish lobby. he didn't say the israel lobby. the jewish lobby. talking about a diplomat being aggressively gay, iran and sanctio
FOX News
Jan 11, 2013 6:00am PST
the continuing resolution to continue to fund government. we'll be talking about lifting the debt ceiling a number about issues that the administration has to deal with immediately now on questions of spending and size and scope of government that will coincide with these confirmation hearings. there is no question in my mind that republicans are going to focus heavily on those issues with jack lew who has experienced at the office of management and budget before he became chief of staff to the president and wants to be elevated to treasury secretary. that will be the focus. i think they will try to frame him as really the face of the administration's handling of debt and deficits over the first term. bill: simple question in this too, what would you cut? where are your spending cuts? >> yeah. bill: put them on the table. how would you balance the budget? how would you get control of out of control debt? >> exactly. in particular, entitlement spending. we haven't had a proposal from the president, when timothy geithner who would be jack lew's predecessor if in fact confirmed was asked, wh
Jan 6, 2013 7:00am PST
getting back to work will be to get congress to lift the federal debt ceiling. he said he will not compromise on this issue. >> the congress refuses to give the united states the ability to pay its bills on time. the consequences to the global economy could be catastrophic. the last time congress threatened this course of action our entire economy suffered for it. our families and businesses cannot afford that dangerous game again. >> president obama also says he's looking forward to working with new congress to continue to boost the economy and shrink federal deficits. >>> president obama's 2008 election campaign was fined by the federal elections commission and it's one of the largest fines ever levied. the s.e.c. fined the campaign $375,000 for failing to report the identities of donors who contributed $2 million in the final weeks before the election. the fines followed an s.e.c. audit after complaints by the republican national committee and other groups. >>> we've got lots more ahead for you on "today in the bay." coming up, it's one of the island's newest treasures.
Jan 8, 2013 3:00am PST
, a number of issues going on, gun control, the debt ceiling debate, immigration reform, another issue. you've been very outspoken on it. it will come up in the next few months hopefully. the way you talk about immigration, mr. mayor, the whole debate about immigration reform is on the scales of what kind of burden does immigration pose to the country, how do we manage the burden. you said, it's not a burden. a jolt to our economy. >> most knowledgeable people would agree immigrants create jobs here. immigrants are a thousand times more likely to have a business, don't take away jobs, create jobs. seasonal workers take jobs from nobody and do things americans won't do and create jobs down the road. the economic benefits of having immigrants around the world, the countries starting to eat our lunch doing it because they want immigrants and we are trying to keep them out. the issue where it gets controversial, family reunification, you're here an want to bring your family over. the family reunification people are trying to hold the economic immigration changes hostage until they get some of t
Jan 9, 2013 5:00pm PST
blocking hagel that's time they lose as far as the debt ceiling gun control or immigration. it's smart by the white house to draw the republicans in, and while the republicans are focusing on one issue it's like whack a mole you address something else. >> john: what are the odds they do anything about climate change? >> we haven't seen--again maybe we'll see a different approach in the second term, but having said that there is nothing from obama's past that shows he wants to go out and do these controversial things. carbon tax anything dealing with the environment, climate change, i would be surprised. if he's going to cause the freak out with the executive order of gun control, that takes up so much oxygen, and you can only have so many of those freaks outs, and he can't do it seven or eight times. >> john: i think america has seen enough g.o.p. freak outs. >> they want to do something about climate change, but it's only when the economy is humming well when we ask companies to cut down on emissions. but right now there is no room to maneuver on this at all. >> john: getting the cab
Jan 9, 2013 9:00am PST
on issues of the european debt ceiling so he does have that breadth, as well. just a slightly different background and more budget focused background. >> christine romans with the latest. >>> another big talker at the white house is the national debate over guns. it is front and center from the white house to the governor's mansions. vice president biden meeting with victim's advocacy groups. he leads the panel to reduce gun violence. new york governor is expected to propose new gun regulations in his state of the state address in the next hour. and we will have a chat with piers morgan who has found himself under fire in the debate. joe biden says he is listening to all sides in the debate. >> i want to make it clear that we are not going to get caught up in the notion unless we can do everything we are going to do nothing. it is critically important we act. and there are certain things i know a great deal about almost all of the organizations. i have read what you have published and spoken to. and there is a pretty wide consensus on three or four or five things in the gun safety area
FOX Business
Jan 11, 2013 7:00pm EST
just days before the debt ceiling limit. not every politician is as gifted speaker but hit kim cooper fumbled his state of the state address yesterday. >> working together we can punch holes -- if jesus. [laughter] it is the crescendo working together, we can punch some pretty vague goals in the darkness. god bless colorado. lori: a great sense of colorado. he got a great laugh. and not just the old boys' club with a critical article with this picture the president meeting with 10 mail advisers but the white house put it this bichir the next day president obama with three female advisers. if you are still outraged now it is president obama with three advisers female and three advisers mail trying to call for more diversity. if you are an adrenaline junkie not afraid of snakes before the fish and wildlife conservation commission kicks off the python challenge tomorrow for anyone who wants to hunt down the burmese python as an effort to rid the state of 150,000 non native price since one negative pythons there is every board to $1,000 suit ketches the longest and 1500 to whoever kills t
Jan 3, 2013 11:00pm EST
term that include a super storm sandy relief bill. and a big measure to limit the nation's debt ceiling. by the way today they were reelected as speaker of the house, despite their own party that grew out of the fight. critics call them a megomaniac. now you might think that the anti-tax crew saider -- crusader would be lying low. but bruce leshan reports that they are keeping anything, but quiet. >> no, i'm disappointed that we were not able to continue all the 2001 to 2003 tax cuts. >> reporter: the days are filled with the media interviews and he is putting his best spin. on the first republican vote to raise taxes in 22 years. >> they were scheduled to go higher if congress had not acted. they were scheduled to go higher than everybody. >> reporter: they have all signed their pledge, never to raise tax rates on anyone as he insists the new year's day vote, they did not break that promise. >> on december 31 they would have broken that pledge. about that, i think we'll send the next two years focused on, you know, the obama white house in the fight on spending. >> so you think that yo
FOX Business
Jan 8, 2013 8:00pm EST
is not -- [talking over each other] [talking over each other] >> remember that timothy geithner said that the debt ceiling was january 31. just trying to mesh that with the fiscal cliff. and the republicans said no, separate issue. it is also a separate issue from the sequester. and what the republicans have said and what they told the president to a year and a half ago. the president lost, but likins won on the question of if we wanted to raise the debt ceiling because obama is overspending. you have to cut spending dollar for dollar by the same amount. speaker boehner has reiterated that that is enough. so has mitch mcconnell. the president of united states can stand up and say that i lied to you and i said i wanted to reduce running. i like you, and i said i was going to offer government reforms. but if he does that, i think he isn't is in a very weak position and democrats are killing themselves if they think that the american people want to continue overspending. and the debt that obama is running out. we can give the president a month of debt ceiling increase or six months or year. then you
Jan 4, 2013 7:00am EST
draining battle over fiscal issues over the so called fiscal cliff. we're running up against the debt ceiling. it could be even nastier fight we just saw. democrats say they won't deal on debt limit what they did in the summer of 2011. republicans say, no this is what when we have to cut our spending and get our finances in order and how they resolve this in the next two months will be a very interesting dynamic to watch. in terms of actual tone and the nature of the congress, you've got a lot of democrats will say, you've gotten rid some of the tea party fire brand republicans as they call them and hopefully that would make for more cooperative environment. there are a lot of new members of the congress are elected, they really ran on being cooperative, bipartisan, being problem solvers. it's so divided congress, we've got a democratic senate and we've got a republican house who really don't see eye on eye on much of anything. i'm not convinced at this point that very partisan nature of congress that we saw for the next two years will be too different now. host: let's look at the me
Jan 11, 2013 3:00am PST
to get rid of reoccurring debt ceiling votes. and on the issue of obama's white guy problem cybercity says yes bill. pote us has a gender and diversity problem. women are better negotiators. rhonda says always good to get up in san francisco to see the sexy ass michael tomasky on the tube. bill, have him on more often. >> bill: oh, my god. >> hey, ladies. >> why are we so surprised here? >> bill, you get this sometimes. >> bill: i was expecting her to say always nice to get up early in san francisco to see the sexy ass bill press. >> sexy ass michael tomasky. >> bill: she meant to say both. >> i'm not so sure. >> bill: now you know why we have you in. while we have your fan club here, can we say hello to beverly in chicago. >> caller: how you doing? >> bill: okay. >> caller: this is straight to mr. press. i was listening to joe scarborough yesterday morning for the first 30 minutes. >> bill: big mistake. >> caller: rambling on about the president having all white boys in his cabinet and no women. now i understand why he is saying it because all he's trying to do is get some -- [ bleep
Jan 4, 2013 2:00am PST
. that's the big issue here. they believe the debt ceiling debate is going to be a time to really bring that up and try to get the spending cuts that they didn't get in this deal that was just passed a few days ago. >> republicans are telling me, hey, you know, so you got your higher taxes, mr. president, democrats. now it's about cutting spending. now it's time for the democrats to start cutting spending. so that'll be the big fight coming up. athena jones, thank you so much. >>> ven dezuelan president hugo chavez has been hospitalized with respiratory insufficiency. he's been in the hospital since having cancer surgery three weeks ago. details were not given about his prognosis. he hasn't been seen publicly since his surgery. >>> a new role for american troops. they're in turkey this morning to help that country defend its border with syria. they'll attempt to shoot down any syrian ballistic missiles. the assad regime in syria has launched scud missiles near the border with turkey. >>> so she was reportedly still running the state department from her hospital bed. now secretary of sta
Jan 10, 2013 3:00pm PST
and the looming debt ceiling debate. but there really is more on his plate, including immigration reform and student loans and possible supreme court vacancies. how do we expect president obama to handle these very large matters and what are his priorities going to be in his second term agenda? kelly has been writing about this welcome inside "the war room." >> happy new year. >> jennifer: happy new year to you, too. always delightful to have you. you've been working on the issue of the second term and what is looming. kelly, today the conservative chamber of commerce said immigration reform is one of their top priorities. don't you think that's a huge gift to president obama's hopes to achieve immigration reform in this new congress? >> you know what is the biggest gift to president obama for immigration reform, the election. the election. because i'm sorry, when i heard that sean hannity was open to immigration reform, i wasn't sure if i was on that episode of "seinfeld" where everything was in bizarro world. we've crossed over into a new america. immigration reform is no long arrest p
Jan 11, 2013 7:00pm EST
way of getting around the debt ceiling. what do you think of that? >> i think the whole thing is the race to the bottom of ridiculous new plans. to be fair, the trillion dollar coin has taken it. nothing is going to be sillier than that. >> platinum. platinum. but have you ever seen those nature shows where the birds hop around around fluff up their feathers to intimidate a rival or aattract a mate? i hope and believe that is what the president and congress are doing right now. trying to be bigger and bigger and more threatening. in the end they're going to make a deal. they always make a deal. >> keith boynkin, this is argentina type stuff. this is banana republic type stuff. democrats don't want to cut spending. they're trying to come up with phony arguments. only boehner wants the one for one. this law professor has got this i.o.u. it did work for a spell in california. but he says that the congress has the constitutional authority to raise the debt. what is going on here? and -- >> do you think it's a good idea, larry, for the united states government not to pay its debt?
Jan 6, 2013 8:00am PST
the debt ceiling off the table. we have other power to use. let's get rid of that issue right now. that would be great for the economy because there would be some certainty that we're not going down this crazy -- >> i think if mcconnell had said that this morning, the markets would have gone up 200 points. >> newt gingrich and i probably disagree radically on what needs to be done, because i think we need more revenue than we got in this deal. but the other thing is we forget how much we have already done. there has been one deal after another after another that has cut spending very significantly. and that's why to say it's now only about spending and no more revenue on the table is just a big mistake. we have cut a lot. >> you would get broad widespread agreement if the revenue argument was, as simpson-bowles have suggested, a vast simplification of the tax code. this latest deal complicated the tax code. continued corporate welfare. simplify the tax code. close the hoop holes, lower the rates, you would get broad agreement. unfortunately, that has never been part of the deal. >
Jan 11, 2013 3:00pm PST
are not debts to which the debt ceiling applies. and the idea is to recognize if we don't have enough money to pay those day-to-day obligations that the federal government should issue ious to people. it would say we're very sorry, yes, we owe you money, can't pay you now, when we can, we will. and then the fun part of the idea is that instead of the treasury trying to raise money through a back door mechanism like the platinum coin people would take these ious and tell them at a small discount, and that gets cash to most people's hands and at the same time it is less of a constitutional front to the congress. >> jennifer: so the notion would be that the -- so everybody who is a contractor with the government who is owed some money would be given some kind of paper. they could take that paper to the bank, and the bank would somehow buy it on the assumption that the bank believes that this will be resolved at some point because of the history of the united states. so the question is ed this sort of hand -- this did happen in california. when people compare california i
Jan 7, 2013 6:00am EST
of the debt ceiling sight, this is going to be ugly. >> i think tax reform ought to be revenue neutral as it was during the reagan years. we've resolved this issue. we don't have that problem because we tax too little. we have it because we spend way, way too much. so we've settled the tax issue. the question is now can we address the single biggest threat to america's future? and that's our excessive spending. >> we're talking about looking at the tax code, putting everything on the table from the standpoint of closing loopholes and we know we can do that. >> we will talk more about the budget battle at 7:30 eastern time with former governor ed rendell. but, obviously, the two sides are far apart at this point. in our d.c. news today, president obama is expected to nominate former republican senator chuck hagel as defense secretary. republicans call him a controversial in your face pick. he criticized the iraq troops that opposed unilateral sanctions as iran and he once said that being gay impended effectiveness. there have been people on both sides of the aisle who have been mad abou
Jan 11, 2013 12:00pm EST
vehicle. as we saw with stocks like fob foible and apple, i am not concerned about the debt ceiling. i had think they will extend it for three months. the fiscal cliff, guess what? we got through it. the issue was if you weren't in it, you didn't make money. so i think the market is very good here. it's just, you know, saying don't -- >> i was talking about bob pisani about this whole volatility issue. one of the things that bob brought up to me, and i believe it's completely true, not only people are buying put protection, they're buying calls rather than getting into the equity names themselves. you can see the volumes going boo names like facebook -- but it's got to start somewhere. it's expensish to have a bond investor and -- and pete congratulations on joining us from the horse country. i love the jacket. >> it's part of my ralph lauren collection. >>> jeremy siegel is professor of finance. thanks so much for coming back on halftime. >> thanks for having me. >> we read the stat at the top of the show. the second best weekly inflows ever. is that a bullish sign for the market? is this
Jan 10, 2013 9:00am PST
's debt ceiling. that's going to be a huge debate. >> yeah. >> and lew if confirmed will have a major role in that. >> yeah. and i agree with gloria. i don't think there's going to be a big confirmation battle. you have to really not like the treasury secretary to not confirm him. here's the thing, compare it to four years ago when tim geithner came in. geithner had been in the room prior to becoming treasury secretary when he was head of the new york federal reserve. they made the decision to let lehman brothers fail. he walked into a banking and a central bank global financial crisis, and he was a guy who had no learning curve. same thing here. we don't have a banking crisis, we don't have a central banking and financial crisis. we've got a budget crisis in washington. jack lew is steeped in the budget. he takes over from tim geithner right in the middle of this debt ceiling debate which will be followed immediately by the sequestration, the broad spending cuts debate. and then the fact that the u.s. has not had a federal budget since 2009. the so-called continuing resolutions which mean
Jan 6, 2013 12:00pm PST
back with you later. >>> let's get back to the issue of raising the nation's debt limit. lindsey graham pretty much stated the republican position today. >> if you raise the debt ceiling by a dollar you should cut spending by a dollar that is the way to go forward. >> president obama insists he will not compromise raising the debt ceiling and said any future efforts to reduce the deficit must include a combination of higher revenues and spending cuts. joining me to talk about it jake sherman. senior editor for the new republic. noam wrote a book called "the escape artist." the president has declared that he will not negotiate over whether to raise the debt limit. why don't you believe him? >> well, i don't believe him for sort of practical reasons and partly for the history of his negotiating style. the practical reason is we have a couple of things coming up that he is clearly going to negotiate over, one of which is the sequester, the automatic spending cuts that they delayed for two months when they did the fiscal cliff deal. that is going to expire late february and early march. it
Jan 7, 2013 9:00am EST
in this situation, talking about the debt ceiling and spending cuts. that was exactly the issue that caused the downgrading of the united states of america. that is at issue. the very same things that provoked that downgrade are on the table right now. and so it's hard for investors to forget the reaction to markets that we saw. it may not happen, but it does hearken back to that period. >> right. it's funny, there are a lot of questions still in terms of spending cuts. you have no idea how it spreads across the economy, whether you are a professor at a university expecting a $4 million grant from nasa for physics research. i have spoken to one of these people. and not sure whether you're going to get it. to, of course, the enormous expenditures to defense, that are still out there and question marks. granted, we do have a little more structure to the tax policy in this country for now, but we may be entering a debate of further tax reform dealing with deductions and the like and the spending cuts that many believe are also key to putting us on firm fiscal footing. >> right. >> earnings at
Jan 5, 2013 7:00am PST
confrontations over the debt ceiling are expected to get as intense if not worse. the debt ceiling is the legal limit on the nation's borrowing. in his weekly address, the president says he is taking a hard line on the issue. >> one thing i will not compromise over is whether or not congress should pay the tab for the bill they've already racked up. if congress refuses to give the united states the ability to pay its bills on time, the consequences for the entire global economy could be catastrophic. last time congress threatened this course of action, our entire economy suffered for it. our families and our businesses cannot afford that dangerous game again. >> as you would expect, republicans are also drawing a line despite approving the fiscal cliff compromise. gop lawmakers say it was missing something monumental -- long-term spending cuts. here's a clip of their weekly address. >> the simple truth is that we are in this fiscal mess because washington takes too much of your money and then waists it -- then wastes it. that's the real problem and needs a real solution. we have to make sure wa
FOX News
Jan 7, 2013 2:00am PST
saying not just yet. >>> another economic threat the debt ceiling law americas have to figure out how to curve spending and bring in more residents. what's the solution? listen to this? nancy pelosi is saying another round of tax increases is an option. >> do you agree with the republican leading the senate mr. mcconnell who said we are done with the taxing side of it now we have to cons tate on spending? is that done now? the revenue side of it taken care of yet? >> no, it is not. the president had 6 million in revenue he took 1.2 in this revenue we had $620 billion significant high end tax rate to 39.6 percent but that is not enough on the revenue side. we have already agreed to a trillion dollars in spending cuts over a trillion dollars in spending cuts. are you talking about more taxes? >> talking about looking at the tax code putting everything from the table from the standpoint of closing loopholes and know we can do that. subsidies for big oil 38 billion right there. again not to take things in isolation just to say okay, how much more revenue can we get as we go forward? >> mi
Jan 4, 2013 4:00am PST
to see a lot of the same old fights over the same old issues, not just the fiscal cliff but also the debt ceiling. we know this past monday this week america reached its debt limit, $16.4 trillion, the treasury department will do what it can, take extraordinary measures to try to give breathing room but there's no way for congress to avoid. they have to vote to raise the debt ceiling in late february, early march. lot of big fights coming up. >> athena jones thank you so much. >> i think the headline on the speaker's victory yesterday should be house republicans punish john boehner, elect him speaker. this is not a job easy to do. i was watching him crying, to have the job for two more years to have the only central republican power in washington is tough. >> one person voted for eric cantor and at the time he is reported to put his head down and shook his head. >> that was the reaction on the house side but the drama, on the theater side, joe biden, man that guy was in his element with kids there at the ceremonial swearing in. at one point he comforted this small child who was a bit over
Jan 3, 2013 7:00pm EST
't think congress wants to cut, except for maybe a handful. then you have the debt ceiling bill which runs smack into a government shutdown potential. those are the -- those are the big issues coming up in january and february. what do you want boehner to do? is it right for your and caucus that boehner stay out of the negotiations with obama? that's what he pledged. he wanted to pick up conservative votes as bob costa said. is that what you want him to do? >> well, that's his decision. what i want to make sure we do is if he does go into negotiations, this is critical for any negotiation, you have to be willing to walk away from the table. and then you can start moving things in a more conservative direction. and we can start controlling spending. look, we can raise the debt ceiling, not raise the debt ceiling. our credit rating will get downgraded. what we have to do if we want to do the right thing for our country is control spending that's what i ran on. that's what i'm intending to do representing the first district of oklahoma. >> all right. how about no more tax hikes in the house?
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